Two friends had arranged a round of golf and were now on the first

tee, preparing to start their game at 7 a.m. Just as the first

was half way up his backswing, a good looking young lady ran across

the course about 10 yards in front of him, peeling off her clothes

as she went until she was totally naked. As she disappeared into

the woods he turned, dazed, to his companion, “What was that


“Take no notice. Just get on with the game,” replied the other.

Settling down and lining up for his drive, the first golfer then

noticed four men in white coats running across the course on a

similar track to the young lady. “What……???!!!”

“Look. Just get on with the game,” said the second. “We don’t

have all day, and you know the course closes at 9 p.m.”

For the third time the golfer squared up to the ball, only to be

distracted by another man in a white coat running across the

fairway, lugging two buckets of sand. “Now, hold on a minute,”

said the first golfer, “I’m not playing until you tell me what’s

going on.”

“OK.” said the second. “Just over the wall there is an asylum.

The young lady is a patient who escapes and runs around naked from

time to time. The guys in white coats are chasing her.”

“I’ll buy that,” said the first, “but what’s with the guy and the

two buckets of sand?”

“He’s the guy who caught her the last time. That’s his handicap.”


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